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Link to the single resource calendar

After you have created a Single Calendar for a custom Dimension, you might want to create a button on the Salesforce record layout that takes users to the single calendar of that record.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the custom object in Salesforce setup

  2. Go to the subsection Buttons, Links, and Actions

  3. Click New Button or Link

  4. Give the button a name and label. For example: "View Calendar"

  5. Display Type can be either: Detail Page Link or Detail Page Button

  6. For behaviour select: Display in existing window with sidebar

  7. For Content Source select URL

  8. Paste the following code snippet into the link text box.

    URL Code snippet



  9. Select <REPLACE_THIS_WITH_RECORD_ID> open the dropdown under Insert Field and select Record Id

  10. The link or button definition should now look something like this:

  11. Click Save

  12. You can now edit the Page Layouts you want this button to appear on and add the button to the custom buttons section.