Connect your Tyntec account

During your account creation with Tyntec, you have specified which phone number(s) you want to use. You can find more information on the Tyntec onboarding here:

Social25 Configuration

When selecting WhatsApp - Tyntec, you are presented with the following screen

  1. Fill in a Platform Name that will allow you to recognise this WhatsApp account

  2. Fill in the Phone Number in international format without '+'.

    1. Example: for +31 6 12 34 56 78 use 31612345678

  3. Navigate to the following page:

  4. Remember the API Key Name of the WhatsApp number you want to configure with Social25

  5. Navigate to API Settings in the left column

  6. Click Show in the API key column next to the Name from the previous bullet

    1. Copy/paste this value in the Api Key field of the Social25 Configuration Wizard

  7. In the top menu, navigate to Webhooks

  8. Select the correct API Key

  9. In the SMS section, fill in the following:

    1. Method: POST

    2. Webhook URL:

      1. For Sandbox:<whatsapp-account-id>/<your-webhook-secret>/

      2. For Production:<whatsapp-account-id>/<your-webhook-secret>/

    3. For the whatsapp-account-id, go to this page in Tyntec

      1. Click the drop down next to Waba Name (ID)

      2. You should see an Account Name with an ID after it, in the form of bc8e98f4-6ea0-4165-a4b4-51095abdeade. That’s the one you need.

    4. For the webhook secret, we suggest using a UUID generator:

  10. Press Save changes

  11. Copy/paste the webhook secret in the Webhook Secret field in the Social25 Configuration Wizard

  12. Press Save

  13. If everything went well, your screen should look like this:

If not, please contact