Configure Initiate Conversations

WhatsApp provides the functionality to initiate a conversation. This page describes how to configure initiating a conversation from the chat window.

Add the channel to Social25

In order to use WhatsApp with Social25, it first has to be added via the configuration wizard. This article explains how to do this.

Adding Social25 Platform records via different ways than the configuration wizard will result in missing configuration.

Use the '+' in the chat window to initiate a conversation

After WhatsApp has been added to Social25, you can use the '+' button will be visible in the chat window to initiate a conversation.

Clicking this button will allow you to select the channel to initiate the conversation. If no additional configuration (described below) has been done, the ‘Select Channel’ dropdown menu will show all possible configured channels.

Filter channel dropdown

You can filter the channels, based on a value on the record where the chat window is placed. To specify the field on the record:

  1. Edit the Lightning Record Page

  2. Select the field in the Initiate Platform Filter Field Name from where the filter should take the value

Configure the filter

Go to the Social25 app and select the tab Initiate Platform Filter Field Name

If this tab is not visible, you can also click on the App Launcher and search for Initiate Platform Filter Names


  1. Click New on the Initiate Platform Filter Field Name to add a new filter

  2. You will see only one field to fill in, the value you use here should reflect the value in the field on the record configured in the previous section

You can now add channels to this filter by clicking the New button next to the Initiate Platform Filter Mappings related list.

On the next page lets you search and select the channel you want to add to this filter. You have to repeat this step for every channel you want to add to this filter.



After setting up these filters, the Select Channel dropdown on the chat window will be filtered based on the value from the selected field of the related record.