Sandbox Refresh

If you’ve done or are planning to do a Sandbox Refresh you’ll need to contact to re-configure your platforms to the new environment and to remove all conversations and messages from the old environment.

Steps to perform

  1. Run a Sandbox refresh

  2. Don’t perform any additional steps and contact Social25 support with the following details:

    1. Organization ID

    2. The selected environment in the wizard (Production or Sandbox)

    3. Salesforce Environment Domain (https://<domain>

  3. The Social25 support team will link all your platforms to your environment again.

  4. In the meantime, open the Developer Console and run the following SOQL query:

    1. delete [select id from Social25__Platform__c]

  5. Log in with your integration user and authorize your org.

  6. When the Social25 support team informs you that the platforms have been synced, and you have run the previous query, navigate to the Configuration flow and click “Sync Platforms”. This can be found on the Platforms page under the small arrow on the right-hand top side.