Basic calendar use

In this basic calendar guide, you will go through the following topics. These are some of the basic functionalities that GoMeddo offers to its users.

Creating/editing reservations

Creating a reservation is as easy as clicking in your calendar at the preferred start time and dragging until your preferred end time. A popup window with the reservation form will appear. In this form, you are able to adjust the start and end of your reservation. You can also fill out any other fields that your GoMeddo administrator has configured on the form. Clicking the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the form will save your reservation and make it appear on the calendar.

At the top of the reservation form, you might be able to switch the reservation type. Doing that will change the form to show the fields your GoMeddo administrator has configured for that reservation type.

You can edit an existing reservation by clicking on the reservation in the calendar, and then either pressing the ‘Edit’ button in the bottom right corner or clicking the pencil icon next to a field. After that, you are able to modify and save the reservation again. Press ‘Cancel’ if you don’t want to save your changes.

Next to the edit button, there is also a delete button. When you press this button, the reservation will be deleted after you confirm once more that you really want to delete the reservation.

Other buttons might be present on the form, which have been configured by your GoMeddo administrator. Often this will include a ‘View in Salesforce’ button, which will open the reservation’s Salesforce record page in a new tab. For more information on the usage of any other custom buttons, you can reach out to your GoMeddo administrator.

Switching between calendar views

Your calendars will most likely have different views. These views represent a time-period such as a day, week or month. Although the day, week and month views are the default views, your GoMeddo administrator can create additional views or remove the default ones.

You can switch between the views by pressing the buttons in the top right corner.

Using the datepicker, today button and next/prev view button

Using the date-picker you can easily switch to another day in the calendar. If you are currently looking at a week or month view the calendar will show the week/month of the selected date.

The today button will bring you back to the current date, it brings the same functionality as opening the date-picker and selecting today.

The two buttons on the right of the date-picker allow you to get the previous and next view duration. So in a day view, this will show you the next or previous day, in a week view it will show you the next or previous week.

Traversing the resource tree

Based on the calendar you’re looking at you might have the possibility to collapse certain areas of the calendar that are not in your interest, with this you’re able to only show the resources relevant to you. You do this by clicking the little collapse icon in front of the resource name.

Dragging and dropping, adjusting the duration of a reservation

You can drag reservations both horizontally (in time) and vertically (across resources). This will update the reservation based on the new time or resource in which you dropped the reservation. Optionally you get a confirmation alert before the reservation is updated.

You can extend or shorten a reservation by selecting the left or right side of that reservation and drag the reservation to its new length. The indicators will show you the new start and end-time of the reservation.