Reservation Statuses

Reservation Statuses are used to define the status of a reservation, for example Optional or Definite. Reservations can be displayed in different colors on the calendar, depending on their status.

Create a new Reservation Status

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the GoMeddo app

  2. On the Related tab, scroll down to the Reservation Statuses list


  3. Click New to create a new Reservation Status

  4. Define a Name for the status

  5. Define if the status should be the Default for new reservations

  6. Make sure it is Active in order to make it visible to your users

In versions up to 5.4 a “Final status” setting was available which only was supported on the old Visualforce calendars.  Later version don’t support this anymore.


Define colors for each Reservation Status

You can customize the appearance of a reservation on the calendar based on its status. You can do this by creating Reservation Colors.

It is good practice to make sure colors exist for all the Reservation Status / Reservation Type combinations in your org. If you have a Reservation with an unexpected color, double check what its Type and Status are, and what color you have configured for that combination. Also make sure the Reservation Type is linked to the Calendar, as described here: Reservation Types

Linking Reservation Types to Statuses

You can define which Statuses are valid for each Reservation Type. Whenever you create a new Reservation Type, each existing Status is automatically linked to it. Likewise, whenever you create a new Status, it is automatically linked to each existing Reservation Type. You can control which Statuses are valid for which Types by removing these links:

  1. Go to the Reservation Types tab

  2. Click on the Reservation Type you want to edit the Statuses for

  3. Go to the Related tab, and find the Statuses related list (add it to the page layout if it's not visible)

  4. Remove any Statuses from this list.

  5. Optional: set the Order field to control the ordering in which Statuses are shown in the Status picklist.



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