Re-open Cases

Social25 allows you to configure that cases with a specific status should be set to a predefined status, when a new message comes in within a specified time frame. You can use this to re-open closed cases when a customer sends a new message within 24 hours for example. For the purpose of this article, we will call this functionality ‘re-opening cases’.

Feature Overview

When a new message comes in that is related to an existing case, Social25 will check whether the existing case should be re-opened (moved to the predefined status) or if a new case should be created. To allow cases to be reopened, check the Reopen Case By Incoming Message checkbox. If this is left unchecked, a new case is created every time when no open cases are found.

Due to the way Salesforce deals with concurrent record updates, Social25 contains a 1 minute delay during which it ignores incoming messages in relation to this functionality. This means that when a new message comes in within one minute of closing the case, the case will stay closed. This prevents agents not being able to save the record they are currently working on, as Social25 would have changed the status in the background and locking the record. A best practice regarding this is to have your agents close the case only when they are sure a customer won’t send an important message that would otherwise re-open the case.


You can configure from which statuses the case should re-open.

  1. Select any status in the Reopen Case By Incoming Message / Select the statuses from which the case should reopen multi-picklist that should be considered for being assigned a new status

  2. Choose which status the re-opened case will be assigned in the Select the status that should be used for reopening cases picklist. By default, this will be the default status.

If the status of the closed case is in the list of selected statuses for re-opening the case and the message came in within the specified time range, the case will be re-opened and assigned the configured status for re-opened cases. If the message comes in after the specified amount of days, a new case will be opened. This time range can be configured in the Create new case after x days closed field.

If the status of the case is not in the list of selected statuses for re-opening the case, it is assumed the agent is still working on the case and the message is shown in the chat window. 


On which status(es) the case should 're-open' can be configured on the Social25 configuration page, see also: Configuring the Social25 Package.


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